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I started SKYLINE APA (as I call it) in 1988 to promote my aircraft images, which have since grown to over 50'000 pictures of military aircraft photographed on all six continents during visits with over 50 air forces.

Any of my images are available for licensed reproduction in books, magazines and advertisements and I also offer high quality colour prints suitable for framing in various sizes for the aircraft enthusiast. If you are interested, please contact me for availability and prices.

Please note that it is against the international copyright law to reproduce and distribute any of the images on these pages without paying royalties (see below: What is Copyright?).

I hope you enjoy your visit and I welcome comments and feedback, so feel free to contact me either by e-mail, fax or write to me.

With best wishes, Peter Steinemann


What is Copyright?

The pictures on these pages are all taken by myself and the creation of these images required personal skill, equipment, time and money. Only I have the legal exclusive right as the "author of creative work" to control the copying and distribution of my images. To take and distribute images without my consent is a form of theft and is therefore illegal. These images are not royalty free and a fee is required for each specific usage.

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