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My images are frequently used on covers of various Aviation Magazines published across the world. And in many cases, the issue with my cover picture also contains one of my articles.

My images have also been featured in aviation books, callenders and advertisements for aircraft manufacturers and events.

In addition, many Air Forces use my pictures for Public Relations purposes.


Asian Airpower published by Ospray with PAF fighters on the cover

Pakistan Air Force Shenyang F-6, Mirage 5 and F-16 on the cover of my book "ASIAN AIRPOWER", published by Osprey Publishing.

Aircraft & Aerospace

is the oldest aviation magazine in Australia, targeting the Asian Pacific region and covering Civil and Military aviation.

The cover showing the Republic of Singapore Air Force Black Knights aerobatic team flying six Douglas A-4SU Skyhawks in a striking red and white colour scheme.

Aircraft & Aerospace with RSAF Black Knights aerobatic team on the cover
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More Samples to come.


AirForces monthly with SLAF Kfir on the cover

AirForces Monthly

was the first English language aviation magazine dedicated solely to the world of military aviation across the world.

The 100th issue had my Sri Lanka Air Force IAI Kfir C-2 from No.10 Fighter Squadron on the cover.

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More Samples to come.


air Action

was the second French aviation magazine covering only military aviation. The magazine is now published under the name Air Zone.

The cover shows a Royal Malaysian Air Force Northrop RF-5E Tiger II in a vertical pull-up over the Strait of Malacca.

air Action with RMAF RF-5E Tiger II on the cover

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More Samples to come.


jp4 with IAF MiG-23BN on the cover jp4

Is one of two leading Italian aviation magazine covering the world's military and civil aviation.

On the cover are two Indian Air Force MiG-23BN from No.221 Squadron.

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More Samples to come.



Air World

together with Koku Fan are the two best known aviation magazines outside Japan.

The cover illustrates a Republic of China Air Force Lockheed F-104G Starfighter from No.12 Squadron returning from a mission.

Air World with RoCAF F-104G Starfighter on the cover
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More Samples to come.


Defence International with QEAF Alpa Jets on the cover Defence International

is one of several Defence magazine published in Taiwan, covering the military aviation in addition to all the other Defence related issues.

This cover shows two Qatar Emiri Air Force Dassault Breguet / Dornier Alpha Jets from No.11 Close Support Squadron.

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More Samples to come.



World Air Power Journal

is very well known in many English speaking countries, covering the world of military aviation in great depth in each quarterly issue.

Here we have four Kuwait Air Force McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet from No.9 and 18 Squadron in finger four formation on the cover.

World Air Power Journal with KAF F/A-18Cs on the cover
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More Samples to come.



is one of several commercial organisation making use of my images.

The highly manipulated picture shows four Kuwait Air Force F/A-18C Hornets in a fan peal-off

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More Samples to come.


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